The ocean is the source of life and vital to all living beings. To protect our ocean it is necessary to reduce the pollution that ends up in the ocean. Especially single-use-plastic is a big problem. From all the plastic you use, less then 10% is recycled. This means from all 10 pieces you buy, 9 pieces will be polluting our environment for decades. One of the easiest way to reduce the pollution is not buying single-use-plastic anynore. Here are some great product I use to contribute to reduce my plastic footprint.

There are two good reasons to buy these products:

  • With these products you contribute to a healthy ocean and environment, for your kids and next generations.
  • By buying these products you support Vera and Frank to do their unpaid volunteer work for CoralGardening, because we receive a small percentage from the shop.

Thanks Vera and Frank

Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do. Picture?

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Great stainless steel bottle from Klean Kanteen.Stainless steel bottle from Klean Kanteen

This is a great bottle and one of the best things to reduce single-use-plastic. I use it every day and it saves me a lot of money by not buying water in plastic bottles. In Europe you can refill it with tap water and in a lot of countries you can refill is for free at shops and restaurants.
Klean Kanteen Sport CapKlean Kanteen Sport Cap

The bottle opening is very big, easy for cleaning the bottle inside. But for drinking I find it a little bit to big, so I use this cap.
Tumbler Cup Insulated Stainless Steel by Klean KanteenTumbler Cup Insulated Stainless Steel

Nice tumbler cup for take away coffee, thee, shakes or what ever you want. With the lid is easy when you are travelling in the train or car. It can be combined with a stainless steel straw, for easy drinking. I love to drink my cold fruit shakes with this cup, and it stays cold for a long time, even in a tropical climate.
Stainless Steel Smoothie StrawsStainless Steel Smoothie Straws

Straws are one of the things you don’t really need to use. Basically it is designed for kids who can’t drink out of a glass, but now a days they will give everybody a straw. You use them for maybe half a hour and then they will be in the environment for more then 100 years. And you know what: it is so funny if you order your drink without straw and you see that then still put a straw in it and just take it out before they put in on your table. It is amazing to notice that your smoothie will taste better, because the straw is cold. They fit great in the opening in the cap of the Tumbler Cup from Klean Kanteen.
Container air tight stainless steel by Life Without PlasticFood Storage Containers Stainless Steel

You have no idea how many conversations has been started, if you come to a take-a-way restaurant with your own food container. You get a lot of smiles and thumbs up. What I like is that you can put hot or cold food in it. You can store food in the fridge or freezer with it. In the tropics it works good against ants and other unwanted insects, because is it airtight. I use them in the kitchen ans always take them with me while travelling. The good thing is, if you don’t use them you can store then in each other.
Bamboo cutlery by To-Go WareBamboo cutlery Set by To-Go Ware

This travel set that goes with us on all our travelling. It has been heavily used for the last 7 years and still looking great. It is light weight and fancy to see. People who see us using it, always want to know where you can buy it. I can’t count the numerous time I used the chopsticks in Asia instead of the through away or in plastic wrapped ones. Our stainless steel straws fit also in the holder, so you have one set for all your eating and drinking.
Stainless Steel Coffee MugStainless Steel Mug

To use every day to get your favourite take a-way coffee on your way to work or travelling. Or just use it in your office instead of the paper/plastic throw away versions. When I bought them, there was no one with a lid. I advise you to buy a version with lid, so when you finish your drink you can store it nicely closed in your bag, before you arrive at your destination. The good thing is that your drink stay warm (or cool) longer and you don’t burn your finger while holding your cup.